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Bend-A-Bow Calculating Software

Thanks to Eric & Devlin at Custom Canvas Alaska LLC, Fairbanks, Alaska for the great video!

What is Bend-A-Bow?

Bend-A-Bow allows you to calculate your bends easily from any device by accessing the website. You purchase lifetime rights* to use the software. You will then receive a password to use Bend-A-Bow. We will keep your email on file so if the password changes from time-to-time, we can automatically notify you. It will be your duty to notify us if your email changes.

Bend-A-Bow will ask for the radius of your Bendarc or other bender or bend block. You will then supply the width of the bow at the bottom, the width of the bow at the top, and the height of your crown. The input can be inches or centimeters.

Bend-A-Bow will give you the length of tubing to cut, where to mark the midpoint, the number to use on our supplied scale, and how many degrees to bend so that when you roll in the desired crown the leg drop and width will be correct.

*You may use Bend-A-Bow as often as you wish. This software or its successors will remain open for your unlimited business use so long as ARC Integrated Systems maintains a website. You may not share your password with other individuals or businesses.

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