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BendARC / CrownARC Reviews

Thanks to Eric & Devlin at Custom Canvas Alaska LLC, Fairbanks, Alaska for the great video!

“I received the Bendarc and Crownarc. They are just as expected. Great instructions. Used the benders this weekend for a Dodger project. Very pleased with the end result and easy to use.”
(The photos above show Mark’s first jobs with his new Crownarc & Bendarc).

“They’re coming out perfect and I’ve made about 50 frames on pontoon boats.”
Brian Valenzuela at Freon & Fabrics, Deltona Florida
(Brian has a 1¼” square Bendarc & Crownarc plus Bend-a-Bow software access).

“We love your product. We use Bendarc (and Crownarc) for our custom frames since we opened in 2007 and have used it in the industry long before that. We have not needed to look elsewhere for our bending needs. It is easy to use and the outcome is a direct result of your vision!”
Topstitch Custom Canvas & Upholstery
Fernandina Beach Florida

This beautiful bimini built by Dan Ene at Enewhere Canvas, Brooklyn NY. Dan told us he has used his BendARC & CrownARC for 15 years.

“It makes bending frames a breeze. I used to use the old wooden block, and I’d never go back.”
Will Bennett, Boat Bright Custom Canvas, Hardeeville, SC

Bimini extension framework courtesy of Lakeside Marine Canvas, Buford, Georgia, using their more than 20 year old Crownarc to make the smooth rear curvature.

“The calculating software on your website (Bend-A-Bow) is so much better than the old way. It cuts down the time spent. It eliminates waste, and it’s repeatable. I can make the same bow over and over.”
Dennis Ogburn, Kustom Kovers, Daytona Beach, FL

“Your Crownarc is bullet proof. I’ve used it for 21 years.”
Tim Myers, Brevard Canvas, Cape Canaveral, Florida as he was ordering a replacement roller.

“I’ve been using my Bendarc and Crownarc since I opened the business in 1997 and am entirely satisfied. I average 3 bows a week and have only very occasionally needed a couple of readily available spare parts.”
Tom Krase, Cover Craft, Richmond, California.

Note the gentle curve of the upper awning supports created with Luis Marcano’s CrownARC. The awning tubing below the canvas was crafted with both BendARC & CrownARC.

“I appreciate your tools – couldn’t do without them.”
Toni Goda, Toni’s Canvas, Lake Havasu, AZ

“One of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever purchased. It’s over 20 years old.”
Steve Adams at ALL American Marine Canvas, Orlando, Florida (as he was ordering replacement parts for his Crownarc)

“I’ve been using your tools for 10 years, and they’re great.”
Craig Noakes, Noakes Canvas, Nova Scotia, Canada

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