ARC’s New Beam-Brace Bar

Can a simple aluminum tube used in stall grills
be something more and better?
If it’s ARC’s new Beam-Brace bar, the answer is a resounding YES!
Real Strength – Real Quality – Modest Price

Here’s some history: Aluminum horse stall grills have been around for many years. Quality has run from flimsy to very substantial with numerous stops in between. Just about every aluminum supplier uses 1” diameter tubing for horse stalls. They all look the same, but wall thickness (and alloy) governs the strength. Here are some wall thickness sizes we’ve seen:

.050, .068, .073, .080, .090, .125

050 is too thin, too weak. .125 is strong and works great. The in-between sizes do work for many situations. So why don’t all manufacturers use the heavy, .125 wall bar? Answer – cost. Aluminum is an expensive metal, and the heavier the wall, the higher the cost. ARC’s ingenious new Beam-Brace bar is the answer to strength without high cost. Our .150 internal beams yield great strength, yet the price is quite reasonable.

Engineered strength without great weight = reasonable cost

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