ARC Stall Feedback

The comments below are word-for-word, exactly what customers said about ARC Aluminum Horse Stall Kits comments were made in person, on the phone or by e-mail.

“As you know, I did a lot of research before deciding on your stall products. I have seen many horse injuries over the years caused by unsafe environmental conditions. I even had one of my own horses get a back leg hung up between the bars of a stall we had constructed from another company. I did not think there was any way a horse could get a hoof between those bars, but that mare did, and it ended her career. The spacing of the bars in your stall grills was a major deciding factor in my decision to buy ARC stalls. The stalls we constructed 3 years ago still look new today. The finish does not rust or dull or start to look old. We are building more stalls in a new barn and would never consider using anything but ARC stalls! Thank you for making a product that is safe, functional and beautiful.” – Dr. Rhonda L Herr, DVM, Harrisonburg, VA

“Not sure if I ever emailed to say how wonderful the stall fronts are.  They are everything I expected and more.  I looked at several stall fronts, some twice the price, and your product just is better.” – Kim in Oregon

“The stall fronts are gorgeous!  I am so pleased.  The doors slide like a hot knife through butter.  Our barn looks so professional!” – Kristie in New York

“It is a year now since we built our stalls and I cannot tell you how happy I am with them, I absolutely love them,  they look just as good as the day we put them in and I love that my horses can poke their heads out with the drop down door.  My neighbor will be getting a horse and I have already recommended that they use your stall kits in their barn.”
Samantha Ewens, Elko Minnesota (Samantha got stall fronts, side grills, socializing doors, wall starts, and wall braces.)

“I love em. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.” – Teresa Meredith, Puyallup Washington



“We finally got our stalls built in our new horse barn and wanted to tell you they turned out absolutely gorgeous. Your instructions were easy to follow and once we got started, it all went very smoothly. We love the stalls and wanted to thank you for your always prompt and excellent customer service.” – Lea Sommers, Bingham, Illinois

“We got the stalls in and put them up over the weekend. We are pros now, took no time at all.” – Gina in Pennsylvania

“They’ve held up well and were easy to install” – Rob Barth, Georgetown PA
(Rob made this comment while ordering 2 more stall fronts to go with the 4 he purchased more than 4 years ago.)

“Stalls turned out great.” – Kenneth McClamrock, NC


My husband is a Construction Superintendent and loves your system.
Donna in New Berlin NY


“I love them.  They look great!” – Dr. Hough, DVM in WV (After building 13 stalls + window grills.)

“I’m real pleased with the stall fronts. They look good and they clean well.” – Dr. Rebecca Whigham in Dublin, GA

“The stalls are wonderful. They’re 3 years old now, and they’re wearing like the day we put them in. These are much better than the similar (aluminum) ones we saw in Pennsylvania.” – Barbara in South Carolina

“Installation was easy and they look GREAT! The wall braces are great too.” – Howard Anthes in Virginia

“We are really happy with the way the stalls turned out. I would be happy to talk to anyone that wants my opinion of your stalls… we are so happy with them!” – Mary Boisvert in Wisconsin (Mary’s brand new heated breeding, boarding, and training barn is equipped with ARC aluminum stalls and swinging feed doors.)

“We love these stalls, and everyone who comes in the barn compliments them. (As she picked up 2 more to go with the 4 she had previously purchased.) – Kristen in Ohio

“Hi Jeff, Just wanted you to know that the stalls are finished and except for some help hanging the doors I did them by myself (I’m 67). They look fabulous and everyone is amazed at their beauty. I’m thrilled.” – Marilyn in Washington

“Everyone who has seen our barn has complimentary remarks about the quality look of the ARC stalls. …. Jeff has been very accommodating …and the materials arrive at our door within 2 days of the order. My wife and I, working together have a system where we can easily put together one of these stall kits in less than 2 hours. This includes building and hanging the door and installing both front and side wall bars.” – Chris & Julie in Michigan

“I’ve had them for a year, and they’ve worked out great. They come super clean when I wash them..” – Leah In Canada (after placing her 3rd order for the ARC aluminum stall system.)

“They’re great. Everybody (who) comes in (says) – ‘They’re nice!'” – Todd Dunsmore, Valeville, Indiana (Todd has purchased ARC aluminum stalls 3 times previously. This 4th order was for extra grills)

“I built the stalls by myself and I am a 44 year old female so don’t think it can’t be done. My friends tell me it looks like a professional job and that I need to quit my job and start building stalls for a living.” – Sharon in Texas

“Your stalls are awesome, Jeff. I’ll be ordering 3 more soon.” – Joe in Ontario, Canada (He has now ordered 3 more with feed & drop doors.)

“I have to get some pics out to you because the stalls … turned out beautiful. I love your stall grills.” – LeAnna Totten, Crossville TN (after her 2nd purchase of 3 ARC 12’ stall front kits))

“My farrier asked me if I would buy them again. I told him without a doubt. They saved me time and the finished product is virtually maintenance free.” – Kevin in Maine (Kevin built a 26 stall barn with swinging feed doors.)

“They’re absolutely gorgeous. I get compliments on them every day.” – Dr Sean Strain, DVM, Strain Equine Services, Bonner Springs Kansas (as he was ordering additional stall fronts with feed doors for his newly remodeled equine facility)

“They turned out so well … they’re so good.” – Doug Bell, Bridle K Stables, Morrisonville IL (Doug purchased 10 stall fronts. You can see his website by searching for bridle k stables)

“They look awesome!” – Kathy in Michigan

“We love the stall fronts and will be putting in at least 4 more stalls this summer.” – Steve in Massachusetts

“Stalls turned out great.” – Kenneth in North Carolina

“I cannot tell you how much I like these stalls. Whenever people come into my barn, the first thing they notice is the stalls and let me know how nice they look. They were very easy to assemble.” – Jami in Indiana

“They’re just beautiful!” – Marshall in Maine

“Hi Jeff. We have our new stalls done, and we are really thrilled with them. Once Steve figured out the system, … it went very quickly.” – Beth in Vermont

“I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the stall fronts I purchased. The pictures do not do them justice. Everything went together perfectly and instantly made my barn look better. I couldn’t be happier with them and plan on ordering 2 more sets later this year.” – Dale Hedrick in Lexington NC (Dale purchased 2 stall fronts with drop-down socializing doors.)

“Jeff, Wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the stall; it turned out great.” – Keith in Ohio

“Thank you….I love the stalls.” – Tim Rosin, Wild Rose Wisconsin

Repeat business from folks like Dr Strain, Bobby, Joe,  Kristen and Leah (in the comments above) is what makes our job rewarding. You know you’re doing it right when folks (especially equine vets) order a 2nd or 3rd time and tell their friends.