BendARC / CrownARC Feedback

Watch BendARC & CrownARC Bending Tools in Action!




Thanks to Eric & Devlin at Custom Canvas Alaska LLC, Fairbanks, Alaska for the great video!

“It makes bending frames a breeze. I used to use the old wooden block, and I’d never go back.”
– Will Bennett, Boat Bright Custom Canvas, Hardeeville, SC

“I appreciate your tools – couldn’t do without them.”
Toni Goda, Toni’s Canvas, Lake Havasu AZ

“The calculating software on your website (Bend-A-Bow) is so much better than the old way. It cuts down the time spent. It eliminates waste, and it’s repeatable. I can make the same bow over and over.”
Dennis Ogburn, Kustom Kovers, Daytona Beach, FL


This beautiful bimini built by Dan Ene at Enewhere Canvas, Brooklyn NY.
Dan told us he has used his Bendarc & Crownarc for 15 years.